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Happy Wheels Unblocked

Happy Wheels Unblocked

About Happy Wheels Unblocked

Happy Wheels Unblocked
The first edition of Happy Wheels game appeared on the market in 2010 year and was made using Flash Player. Players were required to install additional software to enjoy such type of games and they had a long loading time because of their size. Today, after more than 10 years from the release of the legendary game, it is still on the top of the gaming charts on most game websites but now it uses more modern technologies and provide even better gaming experience. In fact, Happy Wheels is not just a game anymore - it is a large community of fans who work together to make the game even more interesting and add new stuff to it.

How To Play Happy Wheels

Like any other racing games, here you have to do your best to win the race but there is a small difference - the racers are people with different vehicles, like for example wheelchair guy, an Irresponsible Dad with a little kid on the bike and others. The mission is to reach the finish line alive as fast as it is possible. Your character can break his arms, legs and even die in this race, but who cares? Evething in this game is made just to give you awesome gaming experience and have a lot of fun.

Happy Wheels : Characters & Maps

At the beginning of the game, the number of characters was pretty small - there were several characters without any special skills. As the game became to grow, the developers added a lot of new characters in the game and believe me - all of them differ from each other not only by their look - they have different speed, skills and abilities. For example, some of them can even fly. Today there are more than 20 absolutely unique characters in the game and the developers are constantly working on adding new ones. One more thing that you should keep in mind is the variety of maps. By default, there are not so many levels available for you but you can either download the user-made maps and play them or create your own. In fact, creating your own map requires some knowledge but you can get it by reading the special tutorials. Later, you can share your levels with other players and have fun together.

Happy Wheels : Online Vs Download

Even though that this game was created to play online through the browser of your PC, today you have several options where to enjoy the game - you can play it on websites offering it for free or you can even download it from Play Market into your smartphone - that's pretty convenient if you don't love playing games with keyboard in your browser. The game is absolutely free and you can enjoy all the benefits at our website.

Game Controls

Arrow keys = Control
Space= Primary actions
Shift / Ctrl = Secondary actions
Z = Eject

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